From our staff

OUR Promise – You will always be our top priority, receiving our personalized attention, regardless of the size of your facility. 

Why choose ur1 professionals?

Our staff includes nursing masters level and credentialed personnel. the combination of experience adds value to our top performance.

Testimonials –

“UR1 has the most welcoming and warm staff that I have ever worked. Everyone is treated with respect and I have always felt as part of a team. Each person has a special passion and dedication put into the work they do.”

Doris Z., MFT, RRW, Utilization Review Specialist

“Working for UR1 has been a welcome change for me.  I have never worked for a more supportive, ethical and compassionate company.  I never hesitate to ask for help if needed and feel confident I will get the answers I need.  I feel free to discuss cases with any one of the staff especially my supervisor.  I feel everyone who works here has a plethora of experience that we all benefit from.  I never want to work anywhere else ever again.”

Jan F., MS, CAS, RAS – Utilization Review Specialist

“I Love this Company! I have never seen more respect for customers, dedication to accuracy and integrity.  Offering more than UR and Billing Services for the facility’s served; no other company compares.”

Charly J. CIIM, Executive assistant

Our dedicated, qualified staff makes UR1 Professionals the one to choose!

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