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Specializing in small to medium behavioral health facilities

Providing personalized attention, experienced utilization review staff, trusted verification of benefits, billing & collections and other facility needs.

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Prevention of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness 

Did you know World Mental Health Day is October 10th
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Marketing with Us   

In addition to providing referrals to our recommended treatment centers Outreach Services can market your services to a larger audience.We attend conferences nationwide and share our booth to minimize costs for you.  You can attend conferences now at a fraction of the normal costs.  Typically a savings of more than 50% so you can keep your marketing dollars in check and in your treatment services.

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to discuss our conference schedule or to add your facility to our networking list.


Please visit our Networking Partner; a wonderful program in California

for Adults & Adolescents!   


Specializing in small to medium behavioral health facilities.

Full Service UR Facility Insurance Billing

Providing personalized attention, experienced utilization review staff, trusted verification of benefits, billing & collections 

and other facility needs.

UR1 Professionals provides assistance to treatment centers allowing them to accept insurance for the clients they treat.  We do this by working closely with your team through various software options and personal assistants.  We can manage all of the services you need from start to finish.

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AMA Policy Marks the Age of Telemedicine

The American Medical Association has been busy recently, working on ethical measure regarding telemedicine and even now, continues work in that vein. Its focus on telemedicine continues and has adopted a policy at its annual meeting in June that ensures that medical student and residents learn how to use telemedicine in the clinical practice. Truthfully, this is a major announcement by a major body with real power in healthcare and because of it policies will change. In this case related to telemedicine. [cont…]

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